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What is it ?

An unshared idea can’t live, a product or a service no one has heard of can’t sell : it is thus very important for a business to know how to communicate. Communication strategy is the way an organisation prepares and sets up its communication. We are here to help you with yours so it’s successful !

How does setting up a communication strategy work with us?

  • First, we talk. It’s important to build an honest view of your situation. We have a call at the end of which we will make an audit of your current communication situation.
  • Then, we make the necessary benchmark to adjust your efforts to your sector.
  • We also set up goals to reach and your strategy’s targets (who ? where ? how ?).
  • Once that is done, we can finally get to the message you will convey, and why it represents you more than any other.
  • Once your position is decided, we will get to the strategy of means : on which media do you communicate ? Is it necessary to make a website ? An Instagram account ? Have press relations ? A concept store maybe
  • Finally, we will present you with a complete retro-planning and a detailed budget.
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